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S T E P — ALONA’s Fictional Story



[Sequel/Side Story from — Wedding Dress]

With, EXO; Oh Sehun – OC; Shin Seul Mi – RV; Bae Irene – And Other’s

In OneShot Length, And Sad – Romance – Life Genre, Only Teen cause can read, Because Teen Labeled.


 FF is MINE. I just PLOT owner, not CAST. FF is belongs to Reader.If the reader find the groove and the same story, it’s an accident. It made me purely from my imagination. So, any false things here are for falsehood, place names, character, background, all just imagination and fiction.  

WARN; Ini Belum di baca sama Beta Readerku!

Makasih buat posternya kak; Laykim @IFA

©2016, ALONA’s Storyline Give You S O M E T H I N G

“Meskipun aku takut, tapi pada akhirnya… kita bersama kan!?”


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You Like Her?


You Like her?

A fanfiction by claralaluchaipark

Cast: Oh Sehoon EXO

Xi Luhan EXO

So Yul Crayon Pop

Other cast: Member of EXO

Member of Crayon Pop

Genre: Romance,life,sad

Length: sequel or…

Rating: G (semua umur)


“Kau menyukai dia?”

“Cih, siapa yang mau menyukai dia yang bergaya idiot itu”

“Dia tidak menyukaiku?”

“Berhentilah mengharapkannya”

“Kau menyukainya, berhentilah berpura-pura”



You Like Her???


“Takaji one!!!!! Bar bar bar bar bar bar” alunan lagu semangat milik Crayon Pop girlband rookie tahun 2013 ini menghiasi panggung. Continue reading You Like Her?